Whisky Night with Riverbourne & Craft Works Distilleries – 11 March


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Join us for a night of Whisky tasting and discussion with two of Australia’s most impressive distilleries.

Founded in 2015, Riverbourne Distillery is a boutique distillery based in Jingera, New South Wales, (just south of Captains Flat).  Head Distiller, Martin Pye, runs a two person show, mashing, fermenting, distilling and ageing his range of boutique whiskies and rums with the utmost attention to detail, while his wife Eileen does the bottling, labelling, paperwork and distribution.

Craft Works distiller believes  single malt whisky drinkers are people who are interested in the story of a craft artisan spirit, people who appreciate the art, the craft and the exploration of what you can create as a small producer.

Whisky drinkers will know, not all whisky is made the same. Good whisky should hit you with a delicious aroma and pleasing flavour. This is why we brought these two distilleries together.

11 March 2021